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Top 3 Modern Viking Essentials!

1. Engraved Viking Axe

The Viking axe is our No.1 pick for the most essential product for modern Vikings! All our axes and handmade with a very high quality finish. They are great for ornamental purposes but also fully usable as an axe. We can provide worldwide shipping and have a range of styles on offer.

2. Traditional Viking Arm Rings

In Viking culture the arm ring was sacred and was received as a coming of age present for young Vikings. It was also common to swear oaths on the arm ring. All our arm rings are very durable and can be readjusted to fit any size. We also offer FREE worldwide shipping on this product.

3. Mjolnir Pendant

Said to be the most powerful weapon in existence, Mjolnir was the hammer wielded by the Norse god of Lightning, Thor! Viking Style offers a great selection of Mjolnir pendants with many variations in colour and design. All of our Mjolnirs come with FREE worldwide shipping.

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