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Modern Day Vikings?

Modern Day Vikings?

Vikings in the Modern World.

The lasting effect of the vikings on our modern world can be seen today with the popularity of characters like Thor, Loki, and Odin in the avengers and TV shows such as Vikings and the Last Kingdom. There are also many Viking influences in music, specifically in rock and metal bands. As well as a fast growing religion called Asatru, where the Norse Gods are still worshiped. There are many people who identify with the phrase 'modern viking' through style, religion, music and even full re-enactment, but what is it that really makes someone a Viking?

Is it possible to be a modern day Viking?

Long gone are the days of travelling to a foreign land on longships to raid and pillage, so this raises the question; is it possible to be a modern day viking? There are many conflicting viewpoints on this topic, however at VikingStyle we are of the opinion that yes, it is indeed possible to be a modern day Viking.

To do so we must first look at what it meant to be a Viking in the past, and see what parts of the culture can be relevant to life in the modern world. It is not about being stuck in the past, but about adapting and keeping the culture alive through a set of principles that our Norse Forefathers lived by. 

What it meant to be a Viking.

Being a Viking was about pride, honour, family and bravery. The Vikings were pioneers who sailed into the unknown and began settlements on inhospitable and harsh lands. Many of the sagas that we have from Norse Mythology portray a people who were brave, honourable, adaptable and unafraid of hardship.

From fighting and winning battles against the odds, to starting the first Norse settlement in Greenland and even discovering North America 500 years before Columbus, the Vikings proved time and again that they were a people of great character. What we can take from this is that being a Viking is about more than just dressing up in traditional clothing and participating in re-enactments. It is a way of life. 

How this applies to modern life.

Times change and so do the necessities of survival. No-one understood this better than the vikings. They would often take aspects of different cultures that they visited on their travels and raids and incorporate them into their own. This included weapons, clothing and customs, the Vikings were extremely resourceful.

The challenges of modern life differ greatly from those of the viking age, however many of the characteristics which made the Vikings so successful in their day are timeless and are still of great importance today. Facing challenges unafraid, living life to the full, and maintaining your honour and integrity are all ways in which we can honour our Norse ancestors.

Final Thoughts. 

For a culture to survive it must adapt, ultimately it is up to us whether or not the Viking culture lives on today or if left in the past as a distant memory. The raiding is probably better off left in the past, but there are still many ways in which we can honour the Viking heritage whether it be through our style, music, religion or most importantly our values and way of life.

So read the Norse sagas, learn about our forefathers, wear your Mjolnir with pride and live a life of integrity and honour. In our opinion that is the way to honour the culture and be a modern day Viking.

Thanks for reading our post, If you have any questions or would like to add anything please leave a comment below.

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