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Personalised Products

All axes or knives with rune engravings are customisable at no extra cost! Simply leave a note at checkout with your desired word or phrase and we will translate it into runes and have it engraved.


Handmade Products

Our Axes, Swords, Helmets, Hammers and Knives are all hand forged using the same methods employed by the Vikings themselves. All of these items are custom made for each individual order. Viking Style aims to provide our customers with high quality, traditional Viking products born of fire and coal.

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What do our fellow vikings say about us?

My order was not only fast but the quality was better than I expected. Looking forward to ordering more!

Clarkson Carpenter, USA

I ordered a wolf mug from Viking Styles. Excellent quality, they have a great selection of other products too.

Alexander Waryag, Russia

Happy Customers