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Why Trade With Us?


- Quality Products: Our mission at VikingStyle is to help keep the norse culture alive in the modern day by providing authentic viking goods which are made from the best quality materials. Our jewelry comes in real gold, silver and bronze and our axes are hand forged from high quality tool steel. We have strict quality controls on items to ensure our customers receive only the best standard of workmanship.
- Fast & Reliable Shipping: The vast majority of our products are made and shipped out of Europe. We can ship worldwide and always provide tracking numbers to our customers. We have the option of priority shipping on most items which allows delivery in 1-5 days. All orders over 100USD have the offer of Free Shipping.
- Personalised & Custom Orders: We accept custom orders for new designs and give customers the option to personalise their axes with custom rune engravings on the handle at no extra cost. If you are interested in a custom order please contact us by email.
- Elite Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our customer service and try to answer all messages within 24 hours. If the customer is not satisfied with their product they have 30 days after receiving the product to return it to us and receive a full refund. We have thousands of happy customers who sing our praises and return to us often.
- Authentic Designs: In addition to modern designs we have a range of authentic viking products which are based on real historical finds. We are passionate about keeping the norse culture and heritage alive and that means remembering the past with historically accurate products.


Watch the video below to get a glimpse inside the workshop and see how our products are made.



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If you have any questions please message us at: