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Do you have the Viking Style?

Although they are often depicted as dirty savages the Vikings were actually considered very clean and stylish compared to many other cultures during the same period.

How do you compare to the Vikings:

  1. Not all Vikings had blonde hair. Although being blonde was considered a desirable look in viking culture, not all of them were. This led to many attempting to dye their hair using strong soaps with a high lye concentration.
  2. Vikings were actually very clean. Contrary to popular belief most of the Vikings were extremely clean. It was customary to take a bath at least once a week, which would have made them much cleaner than other Europeans in the same time period.
  3. They were fond of Jewelry. Displaying the spoils from their raids was very important to the Vikings, as they would often wear jewelry to show their wealth. Arm rings and Mjolnir pendants were very common.
  4. Tattoos were very common. Many historical accounts describe the Vikings as being covered in tattoos. These often depicting trees and pagan symbols, it was thought to be done for religious and fashionable purposes.
  5. Most Vikings were very well groomed. Some of the most common artefacts found in Viking archaeological sites are combs and grooming kits. These include fingernail and toothpicks, ear spoons and tweezers, which leads historians to believe the Vikings were very concerned with their appearance. 


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