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Viking Necklaces

Important information about our Viking Necklaces

We have a wide range of Viking Necklace designs in this collection to cater for all budgets. At the premium end we have real Gold, Silver & Bronze, pendants which are handmade from high quality metals, and we also offer some cheaper options which are usually made from Pewter or Tin alloy. Please see the product description for the individual pendant that you are interested in for more information. 

Shipping for Viking Necklaces

For all orders for jewelry items please allow 1-3 business days for processing of the order. Shipping time to Europe & North America usually takes around 1-3 weeks time, to other parts of the world this may vary.

Custom Orders

We can accept custom orders for any necklace or pendant, this includes modifying an existing design or creating a completely new design of your choice. The cost for this will be higher than the cost of the existing necklace designs due to the extra work involved.