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Silver Viking Jewelry

  • Silver Viking Ship Ring-VikingStyle

    Silver Viking Ship Ring


    Silver Viking Ship Ring. This Viking ring was crafted from 925 Sterling Silver. Vikings were famous for their sea going ways, they often used their...

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About our Silver Viking Jewelry

All of the rings, pendants & bracelets in this collection are hand made from real 925 silver. Each item is made with extreme care and attention to detail to produce a high quality finish for every item.
During the Viking age jewelry was a way for powerful chieftains or successful merchants to display their wealth. Discoveries of items of jewelry at norse historical sites have shown that silver & bronze seemed to be the favoured materials for the norsemen. Many of the designs in this collection are replicas of real historical artefacts which were worn by the Vikings. Please see the individual product descriptions for more detail.

Shipping Information for Silver Viking Jewelry Collection

For all items in the silver collection please allow 1-3 days of processing time for the order. Once the order has been shipped the shipping time for standard shipping is 1-3 weeks to the USA and Europe, to other countries it may vary slightly.