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Dane Axe

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Dane Axe. This Axe is made completely by hand from quality materials to produce a durable and fully functional viking weapon. All axes are made to order, therefore the engravings and details on the handle can be customised to your wishes. Personalised rune engravings on the handle can be done at no extra cost, however more complicated engravings or modifications to the design may cost extra. 

The so called 'Dane axe' was one of the most fearsome weapons to be used on the battlefields of early medieval Europe. It was the two handed battle axe which was famously used by a Viking warrior at the battle of Stamford Bridge, where he allegedly held off an entire army of enemy soldiers single handedly. 

Worldwide Shipping Available.

Product Information:

  • Length: 1m
  • Steel: U8 
  • Material handle: Birch + leather

*Please read our shipping terms regarding handmade Axes*

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