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  • Ivar the Boneless
    April 6, 2020

    Ivar the Boneless

    Was Ivar the Boneless? Ivar Ragnarsson also known as 'Ivar the Boneless' was a viking chieftain who lead the infamous great heathen army in an invasion of medieval England during the 9th century AD. If the Norse sources are to be...

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  • jormungandr - viking style
    April 3, 2020

    Jormungandr - The Midgard Serpent

    Who was Jormungandr? The nine realms of Norse mythology were inhabited by a variety of weird and wonderful creatures. Whilst many were good in nature, many were also terrifying and vicious monsters so powerful that they posed a threat to the Gods...

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  • Loki
    April 2, 2020


    Loki was perhaps the most infamous of all the Norse Gods, often referred to as 'the trickster' he was notoriously mischievous. His relationship with the other Gods was somewhat complicated, he both helped and sabotaged them in equal measure depending on...

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  • Asgard
    March 26, 2020


    Asgard was one of the nine realms of Norse Cosmology. It was associated with the Aesir tribe of Gods, and served as their homeland. The Aesir were considered the higher tier Gods in Norse Mythology and included Gods such as;...

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  • Viking Weapons
    March 29, 2019

    What were the most common Viking Weapons?

    Overview of Viking Weapons Most of the knowledge about what the Vikings used for weapons came from a few archaeological finds and writings in norse sagas from the 14th century. The Havmal, a Viking book which was said to be the...

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  • Bearded Axe
    March 27, 2019

    What is a ‘bearded’ axe?

    The bearded axe design originated in Scandinavia around 600AD, the 'beard' refers to a portion of the axe head which extends down below the butt of the axe. This allows for a larger cutting edge whilst keeping weight to a minimum.
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  • What did Viking Helmets really look like?-VikingStyle
    July 22, 2018

    Did Viking Helmets have Horns?

    The Vikings are often portrayed as vicious warriors with horned helmets and double sided axes. But how historically accurate is this modern depiction?  Although Viking helmets are often portrayed as having horns, this was not the reality for the Viking warriors of...

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  • History of Mjölnir - VikingStyle
    April 18, 2018

    History of the Mjolnir symbol

    What was 'Mjolnir'? In Norse mythology 'Mjölnir' was the name given to the hammer which was wielded by Thor, the god of thunder. The name roughly translates as 'crusher' from old norse. It was mentioned in various sagas and was...

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